User Questions

I forgot my password. How do I access my account?

Use our Forgot Password link on the Login Page.

What payment methods are accepted by CONNEC?

PayPal, Visa and Mastercard.

How do I change my Discipline?

To change a Discipline, the user may simply email jusconnec@gmail.com and state the desired new Discipline.

Can I apply for more than one profile?

Multiple profile support is coming soon to the CONNEC app.

How do I advertise on CONNEC?

You may wish to push advertisement of multiple formats, we have certain
standard templates you can select or if you would like to tailor your particular
standard we are more than willing to work with you upon request at

What are the subscription rates?

Head over to our Fees page for a clear layout of our rates.

How do I find my data analytics?

Quarterly, Bi-Annual and Annual data analytics is coming soon to the CONNEC app.

How do I upload my portfolio to CONNEC?

Images should be no bigger than 512MB. Your project options can
found at the top of your profile page where you can add as many projects or
portfolios as you wish.

How do I update my Profile?

At any time, you can edit your profile to reflect the information you want
shown. You are free to also remove some of the pre-set user info options as

Guest Questions

How do I find someone near me?

Users profile information will have their locations where applicable and should
they choose it, each user also has the option of linking google maps to their

How do I search on CONNEC?

A search bar for the whole platform is provided in the top right corner of the
screen or if on mobile just tap the menu icon.