Business Management System

The Ultimate Premium Experience of CONNEC is as Business Management Software for its users. This works in a few ways. The BMS is to facilitate its users to improve and increase their business capabilities, functionalities and also modernise their practices. This works in a few ways:


USD $4.99 /month

Essential business management for users looking to take their business to the next level.

  • Calendars
  • Scheduling
  • Direct contact
  • Feedback
  • Reviews
  • on site/in App prominence


USD $19.99 /month

Advanced virtual management tools for users looking to organise and scale their business

  • Professional package +
  • SEO prominence
  • Push notifications
  • Data analytics
  • Customer service
  • Invoicing on site/through App
  • Accounting on site/through App


$90 /month

Essential business management for users looking to take their business to the next level

  • Executive package +
  • Priority Customer Service 24/7
  • Multiple profile BMS
  • Ability to split multiple profiles for
  • POS machines on request (see description for details)

BMS Packages


  • Users can share their calendars on the platform allowing guests booking consultations, appointments, deliveries, meetings, site/location visits, operating days/times and general availabilities for business. This creates clarity for what users want, how long it should take, and mutual respect for scheduled time


  • Scheduling bookings through mutually synchronised calendars made available by the Users on the platform. This creates precise time management.

Direct contact

  • A CONNEC inbox will be created for each user to receive all guest input which then funnels business interaction to one pool. This reduces the necessity for users to create yet another email for business, or mix their already mixed existing email, or pay for further third-party engagement services. Manage all business communication through one platform and declutter your life.


  • Your feedback inbox is a privatised “Suggestion Box” in which users may quietly reflect on their experience with your company. This need not be a conversation but also may be should you so desire. Again, decluttering your inbox and confidentially providing tips.


  • Your review inbox is a public feedback station allowing all guests to view your “Starred Ratings” as well as experience commentary.

SEO prominence

  • Higher levels of platform interaction as well as more platform information allows for provision of dominant on/off platform SEO. SEO prominence gives you better discoverability.

Customer service

  • Provided by our Champions will be a 24/7 communication method between guests and Champions. Champions will be trained in servicing, information, trouble shooting, feedback and also will be the channel through which you speak with C O N N E C itself should the need arise.


  • Platform insights will be provided for User’s to interpret activity on and off of C O N N E C. Users can interpret how their actions affect their turnover, how well they funnel views and ultimately profit to and from each platform.

Push notifications

  • One step further than merely receiving communication will be push notifications. Users will have the options of receiving their communications through, text, email alerts and/or C O N N E C notification. Having your notification alerts coming straight through C O N N E C allows you to prioritise. A C O N N E C alert would signal important business as opposed to an email that could be junk mail or social media that can be trivial. This is Business Media.

Website replacement

  • When implemented correctly, Users’ C O N N E C profile can be their most valuable form of online presence. So much so that their website, should they still choose to have one may function more as an extensive catalogue/profile whereas C O N N E C would actively enhance their business management.

Secretary services

  • The BMS model acts as a personal assistant or private sectary manager allowing users to focus on the meat of their matters.

Invoicing (Coming Soon)

  • Manage your digital invoices through your choice of trusted digital wallet (PayPal, WiPay, Square, Stripe etc). Link your payments to your existing bank accounts.

Accounting (Coming Soon)

  • A template can be provided to assist with personal accounting as well as the payment gateway options will assist in tabulating and documenting finances and sales management.

• Branded Point of Sales machines or card readers will be provided for those who wish to digitise the remuneration on site. Swipe or scan a card on site in person when completing a job. Send digital receipts to your client’s phones via text or email. Allow your business to be cashless and go straight to your account rather than keeping the money on you.

Multiple profile BMS
• Users/accounts will have the ability to manage more than one BMS so profile simultaneously. For instance bigger companies may have a number of professionals/ branches/ businesses
etc. In this case one enterprise can share/ divide the virtual assistance amongst decided internal branches of the whole.

  • These features are firstly available on the website platform as standard but will then become better integrated on the Mobile Application.
  • As the guest user to the site you now face the platform in a seamless series of ways:
    To browse the site regularly one simply goes to the URL for CONNEC in their preferred browser. Peruse the site as you feel for the members that you’re looking for. These
    guests would be using the site as a directory/search engine/look book for the industry. Guests wishing to interact with User’s pages in any way must sign up or sign in. Anyone
    can sign up as a guest or user for free entering certain details for functionality.
  • Guests must enter:
  • First name
  • Last name
  • Email address
  • Phone number
  • Optional:
    • Additional phone numbers
    • Additional email addresses
    • Social media accounts
    • Location: Country/ area for optimised search pairing/ recommendations.


  • Entering this information allows guests and users to interact using the BMS. Signed in guests will have access to the above feature list allowing the Users to communicate and interact with them smoothly.
    Users’ information for sign will remain as is.