Standard Package

Personal URL

  • Have the luxury of channelling who you want to your own personal page. 
  • Use your profile as a website alternative or even use your profile to funnel people to your website or social media. 
  • Send your URL to who you want and use your page as a digital business card; your database of selected information. 



Virtual Directory Info Page

  • Create a detailed bio page.
  • Promote your best work. 
  • Post links to your publications, business platforms, qualifications, team members and more. 
  • Treat your profile like your most frequently updated résumé. 
  • Make your desired contact information visible. 



Digital Portfolio and Media Posting

  • Group your projects in album folders to sort them.
  • Post as much work as you’d like on your profile. 
  • Images and videos. Anything you need to get your message across. 



Cloud-Based Storage

  • Save your work privately in personal folders hidden from the rest of your page.
  • Out of storage? Back up your portfolios with us and choose what you’d like to be visible.



Private Profiles

  • Hide your account or create a hidden account, design it, update it and perfect it in private. 
  • Send your hidden profile to who you choose to collaborate and share your work with while developing privately. 
  • You choose when you like it to be revealed.



Inter Platform Messaging  

  • Have your own personal inbox where Guests and other Users can reach you at any time. 
  • Send reminders to your own accounts.
  • Have one place to sort all correspondence.



Profile CONNEC’tions

  • Verify yourself and other users by creating and accepting connections. 
  • Classmates, associates, staff, partners, colleagues, institution, interns and so on can all be listed in your profile connections to prove your CV true.
  • Your résumé becomes valid once the world can see that your connections are verified. 



Location Sharing

  • Visually convey your locations to guests and users with our intuitive Google Maps integration.