Professional Package

Event Calendar (public)

  • As a User, you can share your events, offerings, promotions, operating days/times and deals etc on the platform to the public for awareness. Advertise your time-sensitive sales, services or publications to sensitize your target audience.




Scheduling and booking assistant (private)

  • The scheduling assistant allows Users to book appointments, consultations and meetings etc. with you through mutually synchronized calendars made available on your profile. This streamlines time management.
  • Share the availabilities of your personal/professional calendar on the platform allowing guests to book deliveries, site/location visits, pick-up times and general availabilities for business/engagement. This creates clarity for what guests want, how long it should take, and mutual respect for scheduled times.


    • The scheduling and booking assistant only reveals available dates and times to the public, not what is booked on the calendar itself.




Direct contact

  • A private CONNEC inbox will be created for you to receive all your guest input which then funnels business interaction to one pool. This reduces the necessity for you to create yet another email for business, or mix your existing email, or pay for further third-party engagement services. Manage all your business communication through one platform and declutter your life.





  • Your feedback inbox is a privatised “Suggestion Box” in which users may quietly reflect on their experience with your company, profile or service etc. This need not be a conversation but also may be, should you so desire. Again, declutter your inbox and confidentially provide tips.





  • Your review section is a public feedback station allowing all guests to view your “Starred Ratings” as well as experience commentary.




Platform/ App SEO

  • Gain access to platform search engine optimization. Connec is a search engine for the industry, and standing out amongst the crowd is a priceless benefit for guests and Users to come to you. Also, take the opportunity to be featured on the home page.




Profile Verification

  • Allow your page to have CONNEC’s official stamp of certification for other guests and users alike to rest assured that your profile is the standard of truth. You have qualifications, certifications, experience and more. Show everyone that you are who you say you are and that this is the official profile of who is being represented.
  • Verification Stamps (VSs) can be applied for by anyone with valid identification and the necessary certifications that they are who they claim to be and also that the qualifications and experience stated are true.