Executive Package

All features of the Professional Package included

  • Executive-level BMS Users automatically benefit from all features of the Professional package.



SEO prominence

  • Higher levels of platform/app prominence as well as more platform interaction allows you the provision of dominant on/off platform SEO. Executive BMS members benefit from general off-site SEO prominence gives you better discoverability from any search engine.



Push notifications

  • One step further than regular communication will be push notifications. You will have the options of receiving communications directly through email alerts and C O N N E C app notifications. C O N N E C  allows you to prioritize. C O N N E C alerts would signal important business opportunities as opposed to an email that could be junk mail or social media that can be trivial. This is Business Media.




  • Platform/App insights will be provided for User’s to interpret activity on and off of C O N N E C. Users can interpret how their actions affect their turnover, how well they funnel views and ultimately profit to and from each platform.



Customer service

  • Standard communication made available by our  Champions. Champions will be trained in servicing, information, trouble shooting, feedback and also will be the channel through which you speak with C O N N E C itself should the need arise.




Quotation assistance

  • Utilize any of our branded quotation templates for you to send to clients and customers.




  • Manage your digital invoices through your choice of trusted digital wallet (PayPal, WiPay, Square, Stripe, Lynx etc). Link your payments to your existing bank accounts.




  • Templates can be provided to assist with personal accounting as well as the payment gateway options will assist in tabulating and documenting finances and sales management.