Enterprise Package

All features of the Executive Package included

  • Enterprise-level BMS Users automatically benefit from all features of the Executive package.



POS Machines

  • Branded point of sales machines or card readers will be provided on request to collect digital payments face to face. Swipe or scan cards in person when completing a job. Send digital receipts to your client’s phones via text or email. Allow your business to be cashless and send transactions straight to your accounts. Integrate your transactions directly with your C O N N E C accounts and invoices.



Premium accounting

  • Enterprise level Users have the ability to further integrate their invoices, accounts, quotations and receipts into printable or editable spreadsheets. You will be able to create a digital account of your finances for further editing or submission.



Multiple profile BMS coverage

  • Users will have the ability to manage more than one BMS profile simultaneously. Larger companies may have a number of professionals/ branches/ businesses etc. In this case one enterprise can share/divide the virtual assistance amongst decided internal branches of the whole.



Priority customer service

  • Enterprise level Users have priority servicing, queries or requests to be tended to 24/7. The highest level of customer service offered by C O N N E C at your demand. Enjoy direct platform contact with a personally assigned Champion for your needs.


Priority SEO

  • Enterprise level Users have optimized search engine discoverability on and off platform. Members of this tier have the most easily findable profiles. They become recommended searches for anyone seeking their expertise.



Premium advertising deals

  • Advertising is allowed on C O N N E C and members of the Enterprise tier benefit from various and constantly updating on-site advertisement deals.



Premium analytics

  • The highest level of superior analytical and statistical data that C O N N E C offers is provided for this tier only. More in depth analysis than the Premium BMS tier.